E-Merging Writers Moves Again

In the coming weeks, E-Merging Writers will be moving to a new location … here!  We’re going blog.  We’re fed up with overpriced hosting and the horrible service we’ve been getting.  And here we are.

Yes, we’re a group of writers and theatre folk, but we won’t be able to talk much about the fun part of the that over the next few weeks.  We’ll be migrating files and stuff.  But there’s a lot going on.

As your webmaster, I will tell you of the goings on of that – as well as the pending show with Fn Productions of my play, Suite Atlanta.  Working backwards … as we always do in theatre …. The play is scheduled to run mid-April to mid-May.  Rehearsals and auditions will begin in mid-February.  Which means, I have until the second week of February … perhaps the last week … to do major re-writes.  Wheee!  I’ll be working on those again tomorrow.

Today, it’s get the new blog started.  You know … slow and steady wins the race.  Just keep going.  90% of success is showin up.  Etc.