We’re not gone! And we’re not foolin’!


Just a quick note to say, yes, the site is being reconstructed and things are being done, but no thanks to Time Warner Cable.  Each time I have had to deal with them, they have grown to be amazingly more inept than the last.

To clarify, the website for E-Merging Writers is in transition ON THE NET.  Not in real life!

In real life, E-Merging Writers is doing the following just this week:

  • Enjoying the fourth month of Southern Gothic Novel, extended at Stage Left Studio through June (so far!).  Buy tickets, please.   It’s received 10 brilliant reviews!
  • Continued rehearsals for Pamela Parker’s Dreams of Martha Stewart, making its New York City debut at The Left Out Festival, April 17 @ 8pm and April 26 @ 3pm, starring Gina Bonati.  Buy tickets!
  • Updated PlaywritingOpportunities.com through May!  Go get your plays some love, playwrights!
  • Just sent Stage THIS! Volume 3: Monologues, Short Solo Plays and 10-Minute Plays to the printers for publication and now awaiting print date.
  • And watched a few other projects sit on the burner because we’re swamped:  Sprechgesang and a few monologues and such that different folks are presenting in different places in the next couple of months.

Just so you know that more is coming and this is really JUST supposed to be the blogspot for E-Merging Writers, but that site won’t be ready for a bit.  So, we’re here for a bit until the Home(site) Makeover people are ready to “unveil” for us all.