Checking in Before Fall Takes Over

After the successful book release, didn’t take much time off, it just might seem that way.

First, two solo shows will be going into pre-production/development in the next few months.  These Monologues What I Wrote:DRAFT, written and performed by Frank Blocker and directed by Helena Gleissner will be given its first test drive on October 4, 8:00 pm, Sunday, at Stage Left Studio, 438 W. 37th Street, 5A, New York.   Get your tickets NOW.  The production is a sketchbook collection of monologues from plays, works-for-hire, and from just plain fun and is geared toward E-MergingWriters audiences who have told us time and time again how much they enjoy collections of work.

We have not given up on story, on full-length linear plays, or on longer attention spans.  There are many works still going on within our confines!

The next solo play, Good Jew: The Personal History of Henrik Altman as Told by Him, written by Blocker with Murray Scott Changar, will go up at Stage Left Studio as well, November 6 & 7. And HUGE thanks to Live Arts Collaboration and The Performance Project @ University Settlement for accepting the piece into the Salon Series on October 5, Monday, 7pm.  Without development opportunities like this, artists struggle far more than they should!!  Come see the Salon and enjoy five other brilliant artists including choreographer Adam McKinney, composer Darcy James Argue, writer Jonothon Lyons and his production designer Daniel Brodie, musician/composer Nathan Koci, and performance and multi-media artist Esther Neff.

Blurb from GOOD JEW:

Teenager Henrik Altman escaped from a concentration camp for the Warsaw ghetto and familiar faces.  He found it burned and his people gone.  What happens next is unthinkable: He purposely got himself caught so he would not be alone.  “You couldn’t be a good Jew and survive a thing like that,” he says.  In 1985, from his Midwestern American den, he’s far enough away to tell his story—or so he thought.