Three Things: Monologue Show, Good Jew, and Stage THIS! Book Review

The Monologue Show, November 6 & 7 had a successful first preview of The Monologue Show on October 17, 2009, and are now sharing a few more preview performances this Saturday and Sunday, November 6 and 7. will be glad to help you purchase your tickets.

The Monologue Show is currently at Stage Left Studio, 438 W. 37th Street, Suite 5A.  Audience feedback so far:

  • “Wow!  That was so funny.”
  • “The characters are so real.”
  • “I know these people.  I ride the train everyday with these people.”
  • “Amazing!”
  • “If you do more shows, I want to come back.”
  • “Were there really 50 characters?”

Actually, the grand total is 62, but we don’t want to make any promises of more than 50…because (1) if the actor forgets something, we’ve falsely advertised and (2) who would believe 60 characters from one actor?  Fifty is much more believable.

First Reading of Good Jew

In addition to these performances, we are looking for a space in December to hold the first public reading of new play Good Jew.

Our 5th published book Stage THIS! Volume 3 Gets a Great Review

And, Stage THIS! Volume 3: Monologues, Short Solo Plays and 10-Minute Plays, just received a wonderful review from

“This book is very appropriate for anyone that understands and enjoys theater, but also for those that have lost that joy. This collection should be included in all community theater libraries. It also gives everyone another reason to watch a play and to do so soon.”

Yes, this is some GREAT NEWS!!  And not just for community theatre libraries, but for college theatre libraries, student actors, scene study–both monologues AND scenes, and anyone interested in quality 10-minute plays.  But we especially liked THIS compliment:

“The individual pieces combined into an oddly cohesive whole. There is depth of emotion, passionate expression and sound resolve throughout. All forcing the reader to look in the mirror of their own reality to measure how easy the transitions from reality to fantasy might feel.”

Hats off to guest editor Dana Todd and Volume 2 and 3 partner, Sydney Stone of Fn Productions.  We appreciate and cherish your collaborative efforts.