Updating the Site and Such

After some tussles back and forth with where to park our web presence, we are back to WordPress (yay, WordPress!).

So hang with us till June, at least, while we move and update and streamline and pull out all our hair to make this pretty.

We are currently booking 3 shows for touring, we’re putting together a film project (cross your fingers), and we’re a little swamped with that, but we’ll get there.  Makeover time.  …We’ve got an impressive truckload of quality property so yes, we will clean off the shelves and remodel our antiquated web presence(s) to something worthy of the words we will be pushing to hungry and deserving audiences.

Meantime, look for Pamela Parker’s new play imagine this… starring Tamara Paquette, or give us a shout about bookings.  Strengths in our available pool are a lot Southern comedies, but we’ll get a writer pitching you whatever you need if you tell us what you’re looking for … we know a lot of ’em:  horror, comedy, novelists, lyricists, bookwriters, lovely performers across the country who love to read new work.

Look forward to connecting with you real soon… as soon as this makeover is done.  Beauty takes freakin’ work.


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