The New Blog is Here, the New Blog is Here … for the DOG!

The new blog for the Barnstorming Tour is here:

Frank N Teheché Cross the USA – A good ole’ American weaving of a cross country trip with a German-Shepherd/Alaskan Husky mixed guide dog keeping some hapless artist alive in spite of himself.

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Barnstorming the USA – Shows across the States

With no small amount of pride, E-Merging Writers announces some dates for the summer’s spontaneous Barnstorming the USA, after only a week of push-push!

Frank Blocker is touring across the United States performing two shows where’er requested (within reason): award-winning Southern Gothic Novel and the more-befitting-a-blue-comedy-club’s Stabilized Not Controlled.

“It’s the economy.”  Blocker says.  “Los Angeles is battling a 99-seat plan with the Actors’ Union, jobs in every industry are dwindling, and New York is merely a place to park your stuff as work is found most often outside the City.  So I’m falling back on my acting career in these tough times and hoping my dog and I can bring some joy and storytelling to a country that seems to be losing its heart.”

June 25 & 26 @ 8pm – Las Vegas, The Onyx Theatre

July 25-Aug 3 – TBD – Atlanta, Georgia for a two week run.

August 27 & 28 – TBD – Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant.

We are still looking for dates in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in early July or early August.  Also,  places we can take this in the Southeastern U.S. during August and September.  Contact the Booking Manager!  Blocker is also available for workshops with beginning writers and working playwrights, as well as character development and many levels of acting intensives.

And here’s some video for Gothic ’cause we know you love that kinda thing.

Long-haired actor at the Mississippi State Theatre Conference, circa 2012:

And the refreshing short-haired (like now) actor at The Visceral Company, Los Angeles, circa 2013: