E-Merging Writers … live performance, film, print & web

E-Merging Writers is a results-based company for the written word, specializing in live performance and production, film, print and web.  Production and touring of Drama Desk Award-nominated Southern Gothic Novel, Atlanta world premiere of The Gates of Helen, New York premiere of Suite Atlanta, and is currently offering three shows for touring and special appearances:  Pamela Parker’s imagine this… and Frank Blocker’s Southern Gothic Novel and  Stabilized Not Controlled.

Our books in print include sci-fi The Slaves of VotarusQueer Chronicles: The Flaming of Atlanta, and the Stage THIS! series of short plays and monologues.




Based originally in Manhattan, the group formed originally in 2000, conducting readings of new works, both formal and informal, then launched its first production assisting solo show Southern Gothic Novel make its debut at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2003.  The show was also produced in Baltimore, Atlanta, and Columbus, Ohio.  E-Merging Writers produced The Gates of Helen by Murray Scott Changar in early 2004, produced a promo CD for the musical Alice by William Wade and Frank Blocker as well as several readings of that same show.  The last production of E-Merging Writers as a sole entity (not in partnership) was Eula Mae’s Beauty, Bait & Tackle at The Duplex, NYC, 2006.

The group then joined with Creative Mechanics (a now defunct New-York based theatre company that included Shannon Maddox, Avi Glickstein, Gabriel Shanks, Jan Herndon) to launch the playwriting competition “Stage This! The Best Ten-Minute Plays We Could Find.”   We teamed with new production company, Fn Productions, in 2007 to continue the biennial competition for 10-minute plays.  After witnessing the success and artist response from the production, we then decided to offer the publication annually, alternating between 10-minute play collections and a volume of monologues.

Our books in print are:

Our past list of wonderful artists who have played in our sandbox include:

Bobby Abid
Eric C. Bailey
David-Matthew Barnes
Amy Heath Bell
Helen Bessette
Frank Blocker
Alex Broun
Rochelle Burdine
Emilie Byron
Mark Castle
Oscar Castillo
Murray Scott Changar
Chima Chikazunga
Lynne Cohen
Bronwen Coleman
Bill Cosgriff
Creative Mechanics
Charnele Marie Crick
Heather Curran
Chericia Curtis
Noshir Dalal
Craig Delancey
William DeMeritt
Alison England
Stacia Fernandez
Fn Productions
Wendy-Marie Foerster
Gaby Gold
Tom Grady
David Guaspari
Janice Kennedy
Cheryl King
Vicki Riba Koestler
Avi Glickstein
Gabi Gold
Lisa Hamilton
J. Michael Harper
Janice Herndon
Mitchell Horn
Evangeline Johns
Bill Johnson
LaChris Jordan
Jeffrey James Keyes
Steven Korbar
Shannon Maddox
Moti Margolin
Nick Mathews
Claude McMillan
Stefani Miller
Shannon Murdoch
Bonnie Navarro
Robbie Neigeborn
Jon Tyler Owens
Tamara Paquette
Peculiar Works Project
Jeffery Edward Peters
Lynn Phillips
Evelyn J. Pine
Lowell Press
Ellen Rosenburg
Barry Rowell
Adam Ruben
Brian Schlanger
Krista Severeid
Gabriel Shanks
Jen Shanks
Peter Snoad
Sydney Stone
Stacie Theon
Nomi Tichman
Greg Tito
Ian Rafael Titus
Will Trice
Dana Todd
William Wade
Mary Ann Walsh
Jenn Wehrung
Cara Vander Weil
Michael Yeshion



  1. I am desparately trying to find the results of the 2nd Annual Short Fiction Contest that was to be reviewed by Alyson Hagy and announced in December, 2007.

    Where can I find these results?


    Malcolm Wright


  2. Gay Theatre on Yahoo Groups is a forum for those who present, create, or just enjoy gay-themed theatre in the world. It is a great resource for gay theatre information, a place to promote your work, writing, productions, to just talk about things you’ve seen, or to find out what might be happening in your neck of the woods, or a far away place that you may be traveling. We’re scouting for information and new members. Spread the word to your theatre friends. There is a calendar, and an e-list. And the best thing is, unlike FB, information doesn’t whiz by so fast you’ll miss it if you have hundreds of ‘friends’ who post about what they ate for lunch, or share more apps than actually talk.
    Or e-mail gaytheatre-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe.


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